In 2013 Laura’s love and appreciation for creativity and physical activity informed her decision to move from her home in Hawkes Bay to Wellington to study Contemporary at the New Zealand School of Dance. During her time at the school she performed in World of Wearable Arts Awards (2013), ‘Your Body is a Battleground’ directed by John Butterfield (2014) and ‘Preface: Homage to a Risk’ choreographed by Ross McCormack in collaboration with NZSD for Tempo Dance Festival (2015). From 2013-2015 Laura was the recipient of the Dulcie Malcolm Scholarship granted by Hawkes Bay Ballet and Dance. Graduating at the end of 2015 with a Diploma in Dance Performance, Laura has moved straight into the development of ‘Knitting While Sleeping’.


jadyn burt

Jadyn was born in 1995 in Christchurch, NZ. She was accepted into the New Zealand School of Dance when she was 16 and graduated in 2015 with a Diploma in Dance Performance. 

While at NZSD Jadyn danced in the 2015 Tempo Dance Festival in ‘Preface: Homage to a Risk’ choreographed by Ross McCormack, in NZSD Graduation Season pieces: ‘PAX' by Sarah Foster, 'Conditions of Entry’ by Thomas Bradley, ‘As It Fades’ (excerpt) by Kuik Swee Boon, ‘Trigger’ by Malia Johnston, ‘Rapt’ by Douglas Wright and ‘Purcell Pieces’ by Nils Christe, and NZSD Choreographic Seasons ‘Karst’ (2015) and ‘The Residents’ (2014) under the tutelage and directorship of Victoria Columbus. She choreographed ‘Wind Over Sand (see below) in ‘Karst’. She has seconded to Footnote Dance company, Australian Dance Theatre and participated in developments with Larissa McGowan and Thomas Bradley. In 2014 Jadyn seconded with Muscle Mouth during the first development of the Maker by Ross McCormack.

In 2015 Jadyn choreographed and danced in the music video ‘Flirt’ for Boycrush as well as starring in the short film noir ‘Goblin Market’ Written and directed by Katherine Wyeth, premiering in 2017. She has also danced and modelled in the World of Wearable Arts Show (2013) directed by Malia Johnston. 

Since Graduating, Jadyn has been interning with MIXIT; a community based programme targeting refugee youth, enabling creative expression and participation. Jade also recently choreographed and performed a solo for the MOTHER/JAW fundraising event before returning to Wellington to perform in 'Knitting While Sleeping’. 

tyler carney


Tyler is originally from Sydney and recently graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance. During her time at the school she was offered an internship with Australian Dance Theatre and was involved in the creation of 'Preface: Homage to a Risk' choreographed by Ross McCormack. She also worked with numerous leading choreographers including Sarah Foster-Sproul, Thomas Bradley and James O'Hara. ‘Knitting While Sleeping’ is Tyler's first professional project since graduating in 2015.


sophie gargan

Sophie Gargan is 21 years old and was born in New Plymouth NZ. She started dancing at the age of 3 with Lynn Gilbert Smith School of Dance where she did ballet, jazz and contemporary. She was a junior associate at the NZ school of dance for 4 years before being accepted into the school as a contemporary major in 2013. She went on to train full time for three years at NZSD, graduating at the end of 2015. While at the school she worked with many national and international dancers such as, Lena Limosani, Malia Johnson,  Anouk Van Dijk, Sarah Foster-Sproull, Ursula Robb, Michael Parementer, Craig Barry, James O’hara, Douglas Wright, Ross McCormack, Kimball Wong, Matt Smith and Swee Boon (T.H.E Singapore). 

She performed in Tempo dance festival in 2015 in Ross McCormacks piece Preface: Homage to a Risk and also in NZSD choreographic season of KARST.