house of sand and the old 505 theatre present

the split
by sarah hamilton

Directed by

Jules and Tom are on an old fishing boat. They’ve borrowed it. It’s only pretty small.

Jules and Tom have been together a long time. They’re close. They know a lot about each other.

Something is about to end.

Very little will happen. Everything will change.

Will the world Jules and Tom knew be recognisable when they return?

The latest quiet masterpiece from Sarah Hamilton (‘They Saw a Thylacine’) ponders the meaning of change. A love story on the verge of a nervous breakdown, or a parable of impending doom.

The Split is a play about love and loss. ‘The Split’ is a play about people and nature. 

Newtown, NSW  l  The Old 505 Theatre l  December 3 - 14 2019