SHAMarriage INEquality

A provocation, and my thoughts for the record

(Rant warning) 


All people are equal.

That's why I don't believe that the state should be able to assign any person's financial status' on the basis of their relationship status. 

I heartily disagree with gay marriage. 

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“A Decade In The Life of An Independent Artist” or “Task Work For Arts Supporters"

This might end up feeling to you like nothing more than a gigantic bitch fest. I hope not, as I think there’s some valid information in my experience that deserves to see the light of day. Or perhaps a gigantic bitch fest is alright once in a while - ‘maintain your rage’ and all that. So…

Most of you will be surprised to hear that I’ve been struggling lately. Not just financially, many of you are aware of that, but emotionally and psychologically as well. This isn’t going to be a poor me note, or a post about depression (though there’s nothing wrong with the latter of those) because I’m not depressed, I’m angry. And I live in an unsustainable working environment which causes anxiety, moments of depression and ongoing stress and discomfort. I can pinpoint the reasons why I’m feeling crappy and they’re primarily exterior. 
As most of you would be well aware I’m a borderline workaholic, and so my work life impacts very heavily on my mental state, and here is why it’s not been so great lately:

Being An Independent Artist Sucks a Big Fat Bag of Sweaty, Smelly, Hairy, Unwashed, Yeast-Infected, Puss-Riddled Dicks. 

End post. 


… Joking! 

Here’s why it sucks so much, 

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There Aint No Party Like An Arts Party Party

Dear Arts Interested Friends (which is probably pretty much all of you), 


Opening gambit: The Arts Party is fundraising to stand senate candidates in every state, and fight a few important house races. We need help. Please help! 

Link here:


If that sent you straight off to click donate, wonderful. If it sent you screaming in the other direction that’s ok too I guess. If you are ambivalent, the following exists to explain: 

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Germaine, Jenner and Gender

So… Germaine Greer has again been in the newsfeed (the contemporary equivalent of ‘the news’, although she’s also been in that) lately, regarding her controversial and long-standing views on trans people, particularly trans women. Her views are problematic, personally I find them offensive, and many people believe they border on hate speech, BUT (and bear with me a moment here) I think she’s pointing to a legitimate debate that we’re not really having...

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NIDA Art-Wank #1

During my year at NIDA I wrote some pretty A grade art wank (I literally got A's for some of it). It's pretty heavy going in style for a blog, but I reckon there's some interesting thoughts in there too. Buckle in if you're so inclined....

Expressions of the Unconscious in the works of Sewell, Ostermeier and Bacon

With reference to Artaud’s The Theatre and The Plague and questions about conscious access to the ‘unconscious’ 

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“What did you do with the night before starting NIDA?”

Ok, so here's the story:
Last night - paying no heed to the public-holiday-ness of the day and with due diligence to the fact that I was to start NIDA this morning (and particularly because our first task was to be the headshots which will be our official NIDA photos, and on display in the foyer and at every event for the entire course) - I decided to be really superbly responsible, left the pub at 7:30 (where I had met some lovely first year acting students, caught up with Nic English, and had a grand total of 4 beers in three and a half hours) and walked home...

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