the split

by Sarah Hamilton



house of sand and the old 505 theatre present

the split
by sarah hamilton

Directed by

Jules and Tom are on an old fishing boat. They’ve borrowed it. It’s only pretty small.

Jules and Tom have been together a long time. They’re close. They know a lot about each other.

Something is about to end.

Very little will happen. Everything will change.

Will the world Jules and Tom knew be recognisable when they return?

The latest quiet masterpiece from Sarah Hamilton (‘They Saw a Thylacine’) ponders the meaning of change. A love story on the verge of a nervous breakdown, or a parable of impending doom.

The Split is a play about love and loss. ‘The Split’ is a play about people and nature. 

Newtown, NSW  l  The Old 505 Theatre l  December 3 - 14 2019

 That Was Friday

created by Charley sanders and Eliza Sanders

A new contemporary performance work about distance and connectedness, familiarity and strangeness

About being a stranger in your homeland and at home in a strange land

In public development at QL2 Dance, Canberra. January 2020.


 Contents. Container

created and performed by Brendan anderson and Eliza Sanders

An intricate combination of predetermined elements and improvisation which draws from the relationship between apparently opposing binaries.

Following an improvisational framework of association and emotional response the content is created in the moment of performance

The audience is able to share in and observe the colliding of choice and chance as each moment is being negotiated. The performers themselves are a representation of antithetical but inextricably linked processes; one working with movement and one with sound – two different mediums responding to the same moment. 

Premiered at Belconnen Arts Center for ‘Dance on the Edge’ May 2019

Prepared and available for commissioned performance


2019 presenting partners & Funding partners

In Development

Meeting: Part 1

Created and performed by Eliza Sanders and James O’Hara

First Development Thanks to Strut Dance WA

SEED Residency June 2019

A dance of honesty, friendship and emotion.

Further developments coming soon


runner up - nz fringe 'most innovative worK'

full production coming soon


created by Eliza Sanders  l  design by Owen McCarthy
dramaturgy by Charley Sanders  l  featuring Sophie Gargan


Dirty, smelly, wet and lonely Crimpson and Clover continue to the last drop of joy. Innocent of your grime. 

Journey into the world of these two strange broken beings. They know no time baby, they know no gender baby, hey know no love baby, no sense, no beauty, no ambiguity. No baby, no. Baby baby oh, baby oh I RARELY HAVE AN EGG FOR BREAKFAST THO MY WORK REQUIRE INFINATE EGGS TO COME TO BIRTH IN ETERNITY – Allen Ginsberge, Death to Van Gogh’s Ear! 

We want to hear what you have to say about this world, these lives, the chicken, covered in semen. Semen. The chicken covered in sea men, see men? say amen  

Ageist associations to ahh .. socks. And ginger. 

knitting while sleeping

australian seasons coming soon 

press & gallery

“Occasionally an artist emerges who possess the thrill to surprise. Eliza Sanders is such an artist… Sanders’ work will offer a new experience in the lexicon of dance. She emerges as a refreshing new talent in contemporary Australian dance.”
(Peter Wilkins, Canberra Critics Circle)

Half the audience are seated safely in the seating bank, the other half at risk on the stage floor. Four female dancers will enter the space. Their relationship to the audience is full of potential - will they fulfil their role as caregivers or belie it? 

Taking thematic inspiration from the works of J. M. Coetzee and Berlinde De Bruyckere, and choreographic inspiration from the theatrical language of Pina Bausch, Knitting While Sleeping takes audiences on a highly individual journey through ideas and images as various as maternal instinct, floating feathers, migration, over-population and babies made of blankets. 

“From anxiety to hysterics of laughter to thoughts of "what the hell will they do next?" this performance piece takes you through everything… see it while you can.”
Wellington Reviews

“The show for anyone who’s been too nervous to go to see modern dance. It offers a variety of audience experiences all of which give you a fascinating look at an emotional, impressively physical world.”
Brooke Matherly for Art Mumers (NZ)

Creator & Choreographer - Eliza Sanders
Dramaturge - Charley Sanders
Dancers - Laura Beanland-Stephens, Jadyn Burt, Tyler Carney, Sophie Gargan 
Costume & Set Desighn & Construction - Eliza Sanders & Jane Allan

Lighting Design - Owen McCarthy

Inspired by We Are All Flesh by Berlinde De Bruyckere & J.M. Coetzee



sham pain - the bacon projeCt

in development  

Originally inspired by '5 Decades' the Francis Bacon retrospective at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sham Pain - the Bacon project has been gestating in the House of Sand hive mind since 2012. 
Sham Pain takes inspiration from both the work and life of Francis Bacon and uses dance, image, and text to explore themes of cruelty, beauty, passion, and hedonism. 

The first development saw Charles and Eliza bring together a team of three dancers and one actor/musician to create a 30 minute draft performance. Like much of Bacon's best known work the piece is a triptych: three theatrical images which create a mood rather than a narrative, give a feeling of a life rather than telling it. 

Further developments and performances are currently being negotiated. 
Watch this space.  

First development team:
Creator / Director - Charley Sanders
Creator / Choreographer - Eliza Sanders
Composer / Sound Designer - Mario Spate
First Development Cast - Sarah Gatzonis, Demi-Jo Manalo, Felix Sampson, Mario Spate
Developed as part of a curated residency from QL2