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house of sand, in association with state theatre company south australia, presents

Welcome The Bright World
by stephen sewell

directed by Charles Sanders  l  production and costume design by Karla Urizar  l  lighting and AV design by Owen McCarthy  l  score by Mario Späte
with Terence Crawford as Max  and  Anna Cheney, Patrick Frost, Max Garcia-Underwood, Georgia Stanley, Jo Stone and Roman Vaculik

Adelaide, SA  l  The Queens Theatre  l  September 20 - October 6 2018


Creative Team

We can no longer allow criminals to hide behind any misplaced notions of privacy - The Federal Republic is a nuclear state - The stakes are far too high.

It is now time for those of us without blame to stand naked before the state. I have nothing to hide, do you?


It’s 1980 in West Berlin and Max (a mathematician) and Sebastian (a physicist) are looking for a particle called ‘Truth’ — that whimsically named quark being sought to complete the picture of the physical world. But as we know all too well the truth is flexible. As Max and Sebastian’s increasingly obsessive pursuit draws in their family and friends their path heads more and more inexorably towards a frightening collision with the power of the state.

Stephen Sewell's forgotten masterwork returns to the stage after over 35 years, and House of Sand bring our signature subversive and visceral style to a massive, canonical text. 

‘Stephen Sewell has been responsible for some of the most provocative and electrifying Australian plays of the past twenty-five years’
— Griffith Review


house of sand, the old 505 and holden street theatres present

revolt. she said. revolt again. 
by alice birch

directed  by Charles Sanders  l  design by Stephanie Howe
lighting design by Sophie Pekbelimli  l  sound design by Danielle O'Keefe  l AV & installation design by Joanna Joy 

with Enya Daly, Richard Hilliar, Fiona Press and Eliza Sanders
(Sydney cast included: Violette Ayad, Anna Cheney, Moreblessing Maturure)

Adelaide, SA  l  Holden Street Theatres - The Studio  l  November 21 - December 1 2018 


( Sydney, NSW  l  The Old 505 Theatre  l  May 2 - 19 2018 )

I am Completely Spannering you and I am Jumping you and Hiding you and Chomping down upon you.

I am Blanketing and Locking you and Draining The Life of you with my Massive, Structured, Beautifully built, Almighty Vagina.


In "Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.” Alice Birch skewers the language and semiotics of both patriarchy and feminism in a play which is equal parts belly-laugh funny and gut-wrenchingly real. 

Women take their rightful place, centre stage: becoming the aggressor in seductions, demanding what they want from work, and trashing supermarkets and with them the fragile masculine ego. 

House of Sand bring our signature visceral performance style, to give you a Revolt that is a punch in the face wrapped in a satin glove. 


This is an important work for everyone to see, not just those that are already aware of the need for equality and action but those that may be perpetuating the problems of the patriarchal society, be that male or female. Do not miss this important production.
-- BroadwayWorld Sydney

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Earlier In '18...

house of sand and holden street theatres present

created & performed by Eliza Sanders 

directed by Charles Sanders  l  lighting by Owen McCarthy

Adelaide, SA  l  Holden Street Theatres - The Arch  l  February 28 - March 17 2018


He crawls out of my side into the outside.  He has long arms, no legs, although he is very good at walking.
I can’t hear you over the roar over the the road. I rode to you to give you the letter that I wrote, on my bicycle.
I had lost the fleet, my feet. So i wet Whent. In search of something went.
I drank all of the throwing wine. I went wet.                  Forgot my towel,              but I’m here now. 

“Occasionally an artist emerges who possess the thrill to surprise. Eliza Sanders is such an artist… Sanders’ work will offer a new experience in the lexicon of dance. She emerges as a refreshing new talent in contemporary Australian dance.”
(Peter Wilkins, Canberra Critics Circle) 

Winner of two NZ Fringe awards including Most Promising Emerging Company and nominated for four including Outstanding Performer and Best In Fringe.  Together, Pedal and Castles chart two parts of an archetypal journey of discovery - in a completely atypical way. How do we pedal through life and peddle our wares? Where do we build our personal castles, and are they built of bricks or bodies? Questions of transience and belonging, home and away (not the soap opera) thread through a hive of strangely interconnected questions and musings, from the silly to the sublime.

Emerging star of the cross-artform stage Eliza Sanders brings all her artistic skills to the table. Text, movement, her physically virtuosic dance, visual art influences and song. Like absurd stream-of-consciousness writing, Eliza finds a-logical, illogical and semi-logical connections between ideas and memories. 

“What a force she is! Compelling. Original. An emerging artist with a mature and distinct creative voice… Virtuosic, herculean, mercurial, clever and generous.”

(Chris Jannides, Theatreview NZ)



house of sand and BATS present 

fear of eggs

choreographed by Eliza Sanders  l  directed by Charles Sanders  l   designed by Owen McCarthy

Wellington, NZ  l  BATS Theatre - The Dome  l  March 20 - 24 2018


Children scorning childhood, the time of wonder, the growing time of the soul.

                                                     Soul of the time, growing the wonder of time, the childhood scorning children. 


Abstracted memories from our past lives lived, reborn, unearthed. Bodies of flesh and mess experience fragmented stories of love, loss nurturing and nonsense.


Fear of Eggs is the third in House of Sand’s series of works exploring care, responsibility and the parent/child relationship. Following on from Knitting While Sleeping and Feet.Us., and driven by our unique blend of dance, absurd theatre and image. Fear of Eggs asks how are the moments of a life recorded and re-lived? On flesh, and on film.


presenting partners & Funding partners

In Development


runner up - nz fringe 'most innovative worK'

full production coming soon


created by Eliza Sanders  l  design by Owen McCarthy
dramaturgy by Charles Sanders  l  featuring Sophie Gargan


Dirty, smelly, wet and lonely Crimpson and Clover continue to the last drop of joy. Innocent of your grime. 

Journey into the world of these two strange broken beings. They know no time baby, they know no gender baby, hey know no love baby, no sense, no beauty, no ambiguity. No baby, no. Baby baby oh, baby oh I RARELY HAVE AN EGG FOR BREAKFAST THO MY WORK REQUIRE INFINATE EGGS TO COME TO BIRTH IN ETERNITY – Allen Ginsberge, Death to Van Gogh’s Ear! 

We want to hear what you have to say about this world, these lives, the chicken, covered in semen. Semen. The chicken covered in sea men, see men? say amen  

Ageist associations to ahh .. socks. And ginger. 


creative development & showing - march 2018, Adelaide, in partnership with LWDance Hub

directed by Charles Sanders  l  choreographed by Eliza Sanders  l  featuring Anna Cheney
with access artists Caroline Conlon and Eliza Lovell

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knitting while sleeping

australian seasons coming in 2019  

press & gallery

“Occasionally an artist emerges who possess the thrill to surprise. Eliza Sanders is such an artist… Sanders’ work will offer a new experience in the lexicon of dance. She emerges as a refreshing new talent in contemporary Australian dance.”
(Peter Wilkins, Canberra Critics Circle)

Half the audience are seated safely in the seating bank, the other half at risk on the stage floor. Four female dancers will enter the space. Their relationship to the audience is full of potential - will they fulfil their role as caregivers or belie it? 

Taking thematic inspiration from the works of J. M. Coetzee and Berlinde De Bruyckere, and choreographic inspiration from the theatrical language of Pina Bausch, Knitting While Sleeping takes audiences on a highly individual journey through ideas and images as various as maternal instinct, floating feathers, migration, over-population and babies made of blankets. 

“From anxiety to hysterics of laughter to thoughts of "what the hell will they do next?" this performance piece takes you through everything… see it while you can.”
Wellington Reviews

“The show for anyone who’s been too nervous to go to see modern dance. It offers a variety of audience experiences all of which give you a fascinating look at an emotional, impressively physical world.”
Brooke Matherly for Art Mumers (NZ)

Creator & Choreographer - Eliza Sanders
Dramaturge - Charles Sanders

Dancers -
Laura Beanland-Stephens, Jadyn Burt, Tyler Carney, Sophie Gargan 
Costume & Set Desighn & Construction - Eliza Sanders & Jane Allan

Lighting Design - Owen McCarthy

Inspired by We Are All Flesh by Berlinde De Bruyckere & J.M. Coetzee



sham pain - the bacon projeCt

in development  

Originally inspired by '5 Decades' the Francis Bacon retrospective at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sham Pain - the Bacon project has been gestating in the House of Sand hive mind since 2012. 
Sham Pain takes inspiration from both the work and life of Francis Bacon and uses dance, image, and text to explore themes of cruelty, beauty, passion, and hedonism. 

The first development saw Charles and Eliza bring together a team of three dancers and one actor/musician to create a 30 minute draft performance. Like much of Bacon's best known work the piece is a triptych: three theatrical images which create a mood rather than a narrative, give a feeling of a life rather than telling it. 

Further developments and performances are currently being negotiated. 
Watch this space.  

First development team:
Creator / Director - Charles Sanders
Creator / Choreographer - Eliza Sanders
Composer / Sound Designer - Mario Spate
First Development Cast - Sarah Gatzonis, Demi-Jo Manalo, Felix Sampson, Mario Spate
Developed as part of a curated residency from QL2